Tailored Instructional Program

At Asteri, we believe a “Tailored Instructional Program” should be exactly that: something that is
tailored to the child as well as their family.

Our trained experts draw upon their experience when designing an instructional program for
your child. However, there is no “cookie-cutter” or “one size fits all” treatment here.
Instead, our treatments are made specifically for your child and your child alone.
That said, these treatments take much more into account than just the child.
For example, our tailored instructional programs always include specific elements of your
family’s cultural values and traditions.

They are an important, crucial part of your child’s environment. They have to be included for
your child to receive the best, most beneficial treatment. By incorporating them into our
program, we’re able to make it better for your child.

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Asteri gives professional children’s behavioral treatments in Los Angeles county.


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