About us

We know that you have many choices when it comes to therapy. That’s why we do as much as possible to make sure that we stand out from the rest. Our staff consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, as well as supervisors and behavioral interventionists. When we hire at Asteri, we look for the most highly-qualified and experienced professionals. However, we also make sure to hire those that are good, likable people, too. So much of this job is about human connections. When we bring someone onto our team, they must have scientific knowledge as well as empathy.

We feel it’s important to involve the parents as much as possible. This is why so many of our programs incorporate parents/caregivers as much as possible. Your active participation is a major factor in the success and development of your child. Cultural sensitivity is important to us. We work to learn your family’s values and traditions, which in turn, allows us to make a better treatment for your child.At Asteri, we take experience and innovation seriously.

So, our professionals draw upon their vast experience when designing your child’s treatment. But, we always make certain to tailor the treatment to your child’s specific needs. That way, they’re getting a treatment that’s just for them. Many of us come from families like yours. We’ve been there and we can help. For more, you can reach out to us at the form below.