Parent/Caregiver Training

Essentially any successful treatment program includes parent/caregiver training. We strongly encourage caregivers and parents to participate in this, as there’s so much they
can get out of it, for themselves as well as their child. This training is, at all times, driven from cultural sensitivity. First, our professionals take the time to not just observe, but learn the parents’ or caregivers’ cultural values.

Every home has circumstances and traditions that make them different. Those are always placed at the forefront of any training and education. Parents and caregivers can learn about their child’s behaviors, how variables in the environment can strengthen a behavior, as well as how to bolster the environment so as to benefit their child. A child’s success is greatly enhanced by a parent/caregiver receiving all of the training that they can.

In the end, this training can help parents/caregivers to improve their child’s behaviors and then to make sure those changes are lasting.

parent caregiver training service

Asteri gives professional children’s behavioral treatments in Los Angeles county.


SATURDAY: 10-2pm

SUNDAY: Closed