Social and Play Skills Development

Our social and play skills development helps children to improve their social skills, to work better with others, and much more.

Beyond that, it’s a lot of fun for your child. Throughout, they are unlikely to feel the pressure and effects that could come from feeling like they’re “working.” Through the process of play, everything becomes more positive, more upbeat. That makes it that much more reinforcing. Rather, they are developing skills while having a
good time along the way.

Always, this treatment is designed to be appropriate for your child’s specific age group. As with all of our other services, it takes your family’s culture and values into account. Our trained experts know how to make what seems like “just fun” and turn it into something that can serve your child well long after the session has ended.

kids social and playing skills training

Asteri gives professional children’s behavioral treatments in Los Angeles county.


SATURDAY: 10-2pm

SUNDAY: Closed